Refrigeration Units

واحد های سردکننده

Refrigeration Units

Our specialized expertise in this area can only be acquired over- years of industrial refrigeration experience. We apply this knowledge in every designing order to fabricate efficient, rugged and reliable systems for petrochemical,

􀀢 pharmaceutical, oil refining, natural gas processing, industrial gases, liquefied gas

storage, and related markets. These high-spec refrigeration systems comply with the requirements stringent in petrochemical Plants where higher reliability and safety are required. We comply with domestic and foreign standards and Explosion proof specifications, in addition to American Petroleum Institute (API) standards and customer’s proprietary specifications. We have successfully commissioned two first Iranian ammonia refrigeration packages for Shiraz

third Urea and ammonia plant (318.3TR) and

Razi third ammonia storage tank (1098.9TR) projects, which are now in service for more than one year the client satisfaction