Compressor Offline Washing System

Compressor Offline Washing System Compressor cleanliness con be maintained using a routine program of water washing. There are two water wash maneuvers performed on gas turbines: offline and online. An offline maneuver is conducted with the gas turbine in a cooled state using cranking speed, while an online maneuver is ... ادامه مطلب

Chemical Injection Packages

Chemical Injection Packages Chemical Injection Packages are widely used in Refineries, Pefrochemicols and Steel Companies. Green Mile Co. as a professional manufacturer of these packages with more than 10 years’ experience in design and fabrication of more than 2CX) Chemical Injection Packages for On-Shore and Off-Shore projects inside and outside ... ادامه مطلب

Sprinkler Packages

Sprinkler Packages Sprinkler systems are used to protect areas from fire distribution based on F&G philosophy of industrial areas Package location and distribution and allocation of Spray Nozzles could be designed and supplied by us Our best reference in this field is the Sprinkler systems for South Pars Off-Shore Platforms ... ادامه مطلب

Methanol Injection Packages

Methanol Injection Packages Methanol Injection Packages are normally used for Dehydration. The packages concept is similar to chemical injection packages, with special considerations for injection of methanol which requires a pressure vessel with a complete purging system for storage of Methanol and normally huge capacities of injection comparing to normal ... ادامه مطلب
پکیج کمپرسور

Compressor Packages

Compressor Packages Compressor Packages are used for any various uses according to the needs of client Compressor Packages are designed in Masir Sabz Company such as Compressor, Oil Cycles, Required Filters, oil coolers and related automatic systems, which can be used as a complete and independent unit in the oil, ... ادامه مطلب
واحد های سردکننده

Refrigeration Units

Refrigeration Units Our specialized expertise in this area can only be acquired over- years of industrial refrigeration experience. We apply this knowledge in every designing order to fabricate efficient, rugged and reliable systems for petrochemical, 􀀢 pharmaceutical, oil refining, natural gas processing, industrial gases, liquefied gas storage, and related markets. ... ادامه مطلب