About us


Who are we?

Delta Green Path Design and Engineering Company since 2004 its activities in the field of design and manufacture of specialized chemical injection machines that are always used in petrochemical, refinery and steel sites, with the prospect of localizing the technology required by this industry in It is the specialty of foreign countries and has started its movement with the following goals:

State-of-the-art technology transfer



Reduce system delivery time and cost

Possibility of more accurate supervision of the employer

Facilitate support and after-sales service

Preventing the outflow of currency from the country

Industrial sample unit of 88 and top entrepreneurs of 90

This company was awarded the title of the top industrial unit of Fars province in 2010 and a commemorative plaque was donated by the head of the Industries and Mines Organization and the esteemed governor of Fars. Also, due to the effective presence of this company in international and provincial exhibitions, the title of exemplary booth in the 14th and 15th Tehran Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Exhibition and the excellent booth of the 4th Fars International Exhibition has been assigned to this company.

Masir Sabz Delta Company is the first and only Iranian manufacturer of ammonia cooling packages approved by the Petrochemical Industries Development Management Company (PIDMCO), whose products have been used by this company on petrochemical sites.

In the history of Masir Sabz Company, there are several records in the fields of consulting, designing and manufacturing chemical injection packages for reputable Iranian companies.

Delta Green Path Company with the aim of continuous improvement is now accepted in all AVLs of the subsidiaries of the Ministry of Oil.