Green Mile

Delta Green Mile Design and Engineering Company

Active in designing and manufacturing specialized chemical injection machines used in petrochemical, refinery and steel sites


Facilitate support and after-sales service

Reduce system delivery time and cost


Transfer of advanced technology and technology of the day

Possibility of more accurate supervision of the employer


?why us

?Why Choose Us


In the history of Green Mile Company, there are several records in the fields of Petrochemical packages for reputable Iranian companies, such as:

Refrigeration       ♦

Chemical Injection Packages       ♦

Methanol Injection Packages       ♦

Sprinkler Packages       ♦

Desuperheater& Injection Nozzle System       ♦

Boiler Chemical Injection train       ♦

Nitrogen Packages       ♦

Actrene Addition Package       ♦

Dry Gas Seal Panels for Turbo Compressor       ♦

LPG Odorant Package Odorizer       ♦

Phosphate Injection Package       ♦

Compressor Offline Washing System       ♦

Delta Green Mile Company with the aim of continuous improvement is now accepted in all AVLs of the subsidiaries of the Ministry of Oil.


Project Dispersion Map

Project Dispersion Map