Methanol Injection Packages

Methanol Injection Packages

Methanol Injection Packages are normally used for Dehydration. The packages concept is similar to chemical injection packages, with special considerations for injection of methanol which requires a pressure vessel with a complete purging system for storage of Methanol and normally huge capacities of injection comparing to normal ranges of API 675 type pumps

We have a valuable experience of designing and manufacturing such packages for South Pars SPl9 on•shore facilities. Methanol Injection of 1500 to 20)() lit/hr with 90 bar discharge pressure using single and double head API 675 type pumps are already successfully under operation in different units of SP19 located in beautiful shores of Persian Gulf

Like other chemical injection packages, Methanol injection packages are also special design packages and will be designed based on project requirements with wide ranges of capacities and discharge pressures


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